[Walkthrough+CG] Vampire Boyfriend: Tatsumi x Shiki

Tatsumi x Shiki

Invite Code: yRhLyH

Please be aware that there is no guarantees that the choices marked are the right answers. 
Follow at your own point's risk. Unless marked as (+5)  each choices points are debatable.

*Special Thanks to koyubii

Tatsumi x Shiki (Special Thanks to Koyubii)

Chapter 4
[1] Have only a little
[2] Tatsumi's blood, please? (Affection has gone up)
[3] Don't need it

Chapter 10
[1] Depression
[2] It can't be helped, give up
[3] Quit thinking (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 15
[1] What should I do...
[2] I like him
[3] I love him (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 19
[1] Apologize (Affection has gone up)
[2] Don't say anything
[3] Criticize

Chapter 25
[1] How is everyone back at the facility doing?
[2] The past us painful
[3] Thank Tatsumi (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 29
[1] Tatsumi, do you have a lover?
[2] Are you hiding something from me, Tatsumi? (Affection has gone up)
[3] It's nothing

Chapter 33
[1] "Just wondering"
[2] "I really just wanted to know" (Affection has gone up)
[3] Remain silent

Chapter 36
Avatar mission:
Premium: Chocolate (Appeal +20) - 300 Platinum
Normal: Ice Cream (Appeal +10) - ??? Platinum / 5000 Love

Chapter 39
[1] I want to talk like before (Affection has gone up)
[2] What should I do now
[3] Thinking about this is already too much

Chapter 42
[1] I'm sorry I followed you, Tatsumi (Affection has gone up)
[2] Don't act suspicious
[3] Tatsumi may be innocent

Chapter 49
[1] Call for help
[2] Think about Tatsumi (Affection has gone up)
[3] Sit there

Chapter 54
[1] Speak exaggerated
[2] Speak normally
[3] Give him peace of mind (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 58
Avatar Mission:
Premium: Gray Jacket (Appeal +40) - 400 Platinum
Normal: Sun Glasses (Appeal +20) - 200 Platinum / 6500 Love

Chapter 60
[1] Absolute hate
[2] Thinking about it is scary (Affection has gone up)
[3] That can't be helped

Chapter 64
Skill Mission

Chapter 65
[1] "I want to go home now"
[2] "I got it" (Affection has gone up)
[3] "I want to talk now"

Chapter 68
[1] I don't want to talk
[2] Suffer
[3] Decide to speak (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 71
Premium Route (Affection 80+)

Chapter 76
Premium Route [Happy End] (Affection 90+)

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