[Walkthrough] Love! Sushi Rangers:【Tamago】Tamaki Marui

Tamaki Marui

**Tips: Save at least 60 koyon before proceeding to the ending (Chapter 5).
This way you can see all 3 endings at once and won't have to redo their routes to see each one.

[Chapter 1: A Prank Kiss]

Get CG! (50 Koyon)

[1] It made me feel so happy and excited (25%)
[2] I guess I should make sure with him
[3] He is still capable of doing things like that despite being a young boy

"Unlock New Panel!"

[Chapter 2: I'm a Boy]

[1] I think he's a cute younger brother.
[2] I think he's an innocent boy. (25%)
[3] I think he's a very considerate person.

Get CG! (50 koyon)

"Unlock New Panel!"

[Chapter 3: Time for Parting]

Get CG! (50 koyon)

[1] Yes you did.
[2] Not exactly, but it feels uncomfortable.
[3] I don't know how I feel yet. (25%)

"Unlock New Panel!"

[Chapter 4: An Important Existence]

Get CG! (50 koyon)

[1] I don't think of him as my younger brother anymore. I think of him as someone important. (25%)
[2] I think he is an important friend.
[3] I think he's more important than that. More important than a younger brother.

"Unlock New Panel!" (Bonus 30 koyon)

[Chapter 5: Ending]

All Endings: 30 koyon each
Jealous (Happy End): 99%+
A Worried Person (Normal End): > 49%
Madness (Bad End): < 49%

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  1. This the walkthrough for akito in my forged wedding party.

    Episode 4: A Hint of Jealousy?
    B: Go with him to the doorway.
    A: “That’s why we’re holding hands?”

    Episode 5: The Hair Tie of Memories
    B: “I’ll make them for you again.”
    A: Call to him.

    Episode 6: Liar’s Habit
    B: Ask what’s wrong.
    A: “Of course not!”

    Episode 7: Aki’s Dream
    A: “Hey, Aki!”
    A: “Yes you were.”

    Episode 8: First Love Hurts the Most
    B: “Thanks!”
    B: “Really?”

    Episode 9: Pretending Not to Notice
    B: “Did you come to get me?”
    A: Try to refuse.

    Episode 10: Drinking the Pain Away
    A: Nod.
    B: Help him up.

    Episode 11: The Strongest Ally
    B: “Thanks.”
    A: “It’s been a long time.”

    Episode 12: When the Time Comes
    A: Tell them myself.
    A: “Just get in.”

    Episode 13: Lover’s Quarrels and Misunderstandings
    A: Fake a smile.
    B: “I thought you went back.”

    Episode 14: Promise in the Rain
    B: Go up to the magazine and stare.
    A: “Aki will be happy, too.”

    Episode 15: Brought Together by Fate (Super Happy End)
    No selection

    Episode 15: Brought Together by Fate (Happy End)
    No selection

    Episode 15: More than Just Friends (Normal End)
    No selection

    No selection