[Walkthrough] Be My Princess PARTY: Glenn J. Casiraghi

Glenn J. Casiraghi

Invite Code: 09033306

*Just using the old gree walkthrough. 
I will edit it as I go and change it into PARTY appropriate.

To obtain at least a Rank B for Glenn

[Part 1: My First Job... A Royal Ball?!]
[1] Allow him to show you around
→ [2] Politely decline

[1] Don't I know you from...
→ [2] That crest on your jacket...

Black Ribbon Headband (Charm +10) - 500Cruz

Get: CG

[Part 2: A Miracle for Me?!]
→ [1] Your gown is beautiful.
[2] It's nothing...

[1] Red wine
→ [2] White wine

Mission: 100 Royal Factor

[Part 3: Sneaking Out from the Party]
→ [1] Go after Prince Glenn
[2] Stay with Prince Roberto

→ [1] Thank you very much
[2] I'll be fine on my own

[Part 4: An Unexpected Visitor]
[1] Thank you again for before
→ [2] Why did you come back?

→ [1] Agree with Monsieur Pierre
[2] Give your honest opinion

Brown Bag & Scarf (Charm +10) - 1000Cruz

[Sweet Route: The Opportunity has Arrived]
[1] A spread about Joshua
→ [2] A spread about Glenn

→ [1] I have been a bit stressed...
[2] I'm really fine

Get: CG

[Part 5: The Pure White Envelope]
→ [1] Why are you here, Prince Joshua?
[2] I'm afraid this area is for staff only...

[1] Continue listening to them
→ [2] Leave the conversation


Beginning Rank: B Final Rank: S

[Episode 1: Me, a Nanny?!]
A long time ago
Bring up the letter.

Get: Letter

[Episode 2: Memories of Summer]
Explain the overall design.
Look away.

Mission: 3000 Royal Factor

Get: Letter

[Episode 3: A Stern Gaze]
Prince Alan.
Tell the truth.

Get: Letter, Increase Mate +1

[Episode 4: Embroidered with Sunflowers]
Prince Glenn?

Sweet Route: On the Road Outfit - 3Gem
Normal Route: Travel Suitcase - 1Gem/ 2000Cruz

[Sweet Route: The Flavor of an Omelet]
No selection

Get: Letter, CG

[Episode 5: At the Hot Spring]
Say no to Alan.
Ask Prince Glenn about his treasure.

Get: Letter

[Episode 6: The Shadow Approaching Yu]
Fall asleep?
Ask Prince Glenn for help.

[Episode 7: A Back Alley Hero]
Talk about the birthday party.
Try and find something to hold on to.

Mission: 24000 Royal Factor

Get: Letter

[Episode 8: Connected by a Memory]
Stop the fight.
Nothing really?

Get: Letter, Increase Mate +1

[Episode 9: An Old Friend]
Complain to the publisher.
...Prince Glenn

Sweet Route: Sleeveless Party Dress - 6Gem
Normal Route: Flower Party Jewelry - 3Gem/ 6000Cruz

[Sweet Route: Dressing for Romance]
No Selection

Get: Letter, CG

[Episode 10: Falling in Love for the Second Time]
Don't ask why.
Try to find a hotel.

Mission: 43000 Royal Factor

Get: Letter

[Episode 11: The Beginning of a Storm]
It’s a bit scary looking.
Come sleep in here with me.

Get: Letter

[Episode 12: The True Royal Family]
The sunflower ring.
Look at Prince Glenn.

Get: Letter

[Episode 13: True Princes]
I wonder...
Yes, I would.

Sweet Route: Fancy Date Outfit - 10Gem
Normal Route: Floral Skirt - 6Gem/ 12000Cruz

[Sweet Route: A Last Date]
No Selection

Get: Letter x2, CG

[Episode 14: The End of a Dream]
Take the bus.
Shake your head no.

Get: Letter

Secret Happy End: 100 Chemistry, 72000 Royal Factor
Happy End: 100 Chemistry, 72000 Royal Factor
Normal End: Default Ending

[Episode 15: When Sunflowers Bloom]
(Secret Happy End)
No Selections

Secret Happy Ending:
Letter, CG, Princess Outfit (Oriens), Oriens Palace

Happy Ending:
Letter, CG

[Epilogue: The Mark of the Princess]
No Selections

Get: Letter, CG


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  1. How come there isn't a route for Glenn on my game?

    1. His route hasn't come out yet. The walkthrough i have is from the gree version but since its practically the same thing as the newer version i just changed gree from the title to party.

  2. Episode 2 - stare at the prince
    Correct answer should be - look away

  3. Episode 4
    The correct answer in the party version is actually "Prince Glenn" Instead of "His Highness?"

  4. I just did the first half of Episode 9 and the correct choices were To complain to the publisher and Prince Glenn.

  5. Episode 7 is not go shopping alone.

  6. For episode 7, the answer "Go shopping alone" was wrong D: I forgot what the other answer was put thought i should let people know xD

  7. Episode 8 its not pull away and escape

    1. Yeah the correct answer is actually "Stop the fight"

  8. For episode 10 its not ask him why. Dont ask him is the correct answer

  9. In Episode 10, The correct answer is actually "Don't ask why"

  10. Could you kindly post any ending of Prince Glenn for GREE/ party version?

  11. Can I ask which end us better? Secret happy end or happy end?