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[Walkthrough] The Broken Clock: Serge x Yayoi (Updating)

Serge x Yayoi

Invite Code: 067ENoMnOq6X6

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough] The Broken Clock: Serge x Yayoi (Updating)

[Walkthrough] The Broken Clock: Leo x Satsuki (Updating)

Leo x Satsuki

Invite Code: 06CSYcRmHRHno

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough] The Broken Clock: Leo x Satsuki (Updating)

The Broken Clock

Available Now!!

   The Broken Clock | Free BL Game- screenshot

【Game Available】


Follow the love affairs of these beautiful fixed couples and help them find a good ending to their love story! You're the one to decide how their destiny will unfold.

◆ Story
Satsuki and Yayoi decide to visit their brother Hazuki,
who is studying in the realm of Ulster.

While following a stray cat, Satsuki stumbles upon a mysterious mansion.
There, he will meet the owner, a fascinating hikikomori with an attitude,
and the beautiful, friendly butler.

After a series of circumstances, the brothers end up running up debt after debt,

and they'll be forced to work at the mansion until they can pay them off!



Posted by Zen ri

The Broken Clock

[Otome News] Delayed iOS Release Dates for Otomes

Delayed iOS Release Dates for Otomes

Hello everyone! Recently an increase in questions concerning iOS release(s) for Otomes have surfaced and I wanted to take the time to address them.

As many have noticed, several Developers only have games available solely on the Android platform. In some cases, yes, it may be due to the developer's preference; however, popular developer Arithmetic (known for The Cinderella Contract, Once Upon A Fairy Love Tale, & more) has released a blog post explaining the delayed iOS release for their newest game, Cinderella TV.

You can view Arithmetic's full blog post here: Arithmetic | Cinderella TV | iOS Release Delay 

The key question here is: why are iOS game releases being delayed?

Arithmetic explains recent changes in the Apple App Store Guidelines:
"The issue is recent changes to Apple's App Store guidelines, which are meant to crack down on spam apps, but have been causing problems for legitimate apps that differ only in content from a counterpart app. Like, say, a version of a game with English content when there's already a version of the same game with Japanese content."
Now, Arithmetic also reassured their fans that they are working on and moving forward with the iOS release; however, it could take months before Cinderella TV is reformatted to match the new iOS guidelines:
Question: "So are you still working on it? Arithmetic's Answer: "Definitely! We're still moving forward with the iOS release, but it will likely be a few months, at least, since we will have to make changes to more than just content to meet the stricter guidelines. We will update you again when we have concrete information, and we're very grateful for your interest and your continued patience."

For those awaiting the the iOS release, please be patient with our developers. Reformatting games can take months of hard work. The best we can do is support the developers and wait patiently for good news.
Arithmetic is currently the only developer to release this information; though I am certain the new guidelines may also affect many of the others including, but not limited to OKKO Sweet Romance, Cybird Ikemen, DeareaD Inc, Voltage, and many more. Some developers use similar platforms to create their games on and the iOS filter most likely recognizes this.

To the developers working hard through these new guidelines, I wish you luck and hope the solution is not too complex. To the fans awaiting the arrival of new games, continue to encourage and support the developers, despite the frustration you may feel.

Posted by Myxprint

[Otome News] Delayed iOS Release Dates for Otomes

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Modern Cinderella: Pablo Sanchez (Updating)

Special thanks to Blake, Merrique, Rhapsody Rhodes, Resha Valentine, Erin Horton, Cynthia

[Chapter 1]
ღ 9 Scenes

Answer honestly. ❤ Best Choice
Stay silent for the time being.

"You're so nice." ❤ Best Choice
"You're so cheesy."

Style Checkpoint:
Premium: Pablo's Body (Style Point +20) - 5 Crystals

Midnight Checkpoint:
Requires 100+ pt

[Chapter 2]
ღ 8 Scenes

"Are you a mind reader?"
"Thank you." ❤ Best Choice

"I'll have a hot wine as well." ❤ Best Choice
"I'll have a run and coke."

2.08 ❧ Get CGs
Midnight Checkpoint:
Requires 2200+ pt
Get: Pablo: Limited Special Photo 1

[Chapter 3]
ღ 7 Scenes

"A date." ❤ Best Choice

Style Checkpoint:
Premium: Elegant Floral Outfit - 50 Crystals ❧ Get CG
Normal: Book w/ Book Jacket - 30 Crystals / 10000 Edel Cash

Watch Pablo
Watch couples ❤ Best Choice

[Chapter 4]
ღ 9 Scenes

"I'm not"
"Admit I'm nervous" ❤ Best choice

"Watch and Wait"
"Say Something" ❤ Best Choice

[Chapter 5]
ღ 8 Scenes

"It IS my business." ❤ Best Choice
"Maybe that's true."

Style Checkpoint:
Premium: Loose Side-swept Braid - 60 Crystals ❧ Get CG
Normal: Chic Heel Sneakers (Pablo) - 40 Crystals / 13000 Edel Cash

"Keep working on it."
"Let's go on a date." ❤ Best Choice

[Chapter 6]
ღ 9 Scenes

"Invite him to Aidan's bar."
"Invite him on a date." ❤ Best Choice

"Go to the bar." ❤ Best Choice
"Go home."

Midnight Checkpoint:
Requires 12800+ pt

[Chapter 7]
ღ 7 Scenes

"Sure." ❤ Best Choice

"I'm ready." ❤ Best Choice
"Can we wait?"

[Chapter 8]
ღ 7 Scenes

"You're exaggerating."
"Maybe you're right." ❤ Best Choice

"Stop with the jokes." ❤ Best Choice
"That sounds perfect."

Posted by Jill Rosa

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Modern Cinderella: Pablo Sanchez (Updating)

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Ninja Shadow: Sakomoto

Special thanks to Giulia Zannoli, 🌺✨💖Amethyst Faerie Hekela🌟🐱🌼, croissis, Nicole Stewart, dianaers, Donttrustducks, Anari Rayne, Game Miscellanea

[Chapter 1]
 6 Scenes

"If that's a compliment, it's wasted on me." (Best Choice)
"Are you trying to say I eat funny?!"

Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint:
Requires 100+ pt

"I'm still going to be keeping me eye on you." (Best Choice)
"I'll remember that."

[Chapter 2]
 4 Scenes

"That was indeed rude." (Best Choice)
"Don't worry about it."

Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Sakamoto’s Shades (Cheerful +40) - 5 Jade  Get CG
Normal: Clever Glasses (Cheerful +20) - 4 Jade / 600 Koban

"I do!"
"Suggest that it might interfere with other matters" (Best Choice)

[Chapter 3]
 6 Scenes

Tell him the same room will be fine. (Best Choice)
Think it over for a moment.

Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint:
Requires 1100+ pt

“It does.”
"I realize it is necessary. " (Best Choice)

[Chapter 4]
 5 Scenes

Not in the least. (Best Choice)
A little.

4.04  Get CG
I have to protect him. (Best Choice) 
I can't just stand here and do nothing.

[Chapter 5]
 4 Scenes

Are you really going to tell me the truth?
All right. (Best Choice)

I'm not as strong as you think.
You're being awfully generous. (Best Choice)

Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Dreamy Eyes (Cheerful +115) - 35 Jade  Get CG
Normal: Surprised Eyes (Cheerful +70) - 25 Jade / 2000 Koban

[Chapter 6]
 5 Scenes

Definitely. (Best Choice)
Are you sure you want me to do it?

Please, wait for me at your place.
I appreciate it. (Best Choice)

[Chapter 7]
 6 Scenes

I still have a long way to go.
Do you really think that's true? (Best Choice)

7.05  Get CG
Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint:
Requires 4400+ pt

Consider it a moment.
Decide to tell him. (Best Choice)

[Chapter 8]
 4 Scenes

Return his embrace. (Best Choice)
Nervously tense up.

Nod. (Best Choice)

Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Rocky Beach Scene (Cheerful +270) - 85 Jade  Get CG
Normal: Husband and Wife Rocks (Cheerful +140) - 50 Jade / 4000 Koban

[Chapter 9]
 5 Scenes

Pretend not to know.
Admit what I imagined. (Best Choice)

Admit it. (Best Choice)
Deny it.

[Chapter 10]
 6 Scenes

“I just felt like saying it.”
I'm grateful you're here with me. (Best Choice)

I know someday they'll begin to understand. (Best Choice)
“That’s unfortunate.”

Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint:
Requires 10000+ pt

[Chapter 11]
 5 Scenes

I'm honored you would say that. (Best Choice)
“Even if you are joking, it means a lot.”

Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Sakamoto’s Favorite Nightie (Cheerful +320) - 100 Jade  Get CG
Normal: Fancy Pajamas (Cheerful +200) - 70 Jade / 8800 Koban

For Zeyo’s dreams.
For our country's peace. (Best Choice)

[Chapter 12]
 5 Scenes

Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint:
Requires 16300+ pt

Fall back in the direction of Zeyo's voice. (Best Choice)
Hold up my chain and sickle to block his attack.

“Lay down your weapon and surrender.”
Get away while you can. (Best Choice)


[Sweet Ending]

 3 Scenes
5x Story Tickets; 25 jade; 200x Power Recovery Item; Ocean Princess Boots (100 cheerful points); Ocean Princess Hairdo (70 cheerful points); Ocean Princess Dress (120 cheerful points); Matching Outfit: Ocean Prince Set (180 cheerful points); Matching Outfit: Ocean Prince Boots (180 cheerful points);

[Normal Ending]

 3 Scenes
5x Story Tickets; 10 jade; 100x Power Recovery Item; Sleeveless Shirt Dress (70 cheerful points); Strappy Sandals (80 cheerful points)

Posted by Jill Rosa

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Ninja Shadow: Sakomoto